VFC Avalon MK18 MOD 1 M4 w/ Daniel Defense RIS II Rail

VFC Avalon MK18 MOD 1 M4 w/ Daniel Defense RIS II Rail

Archangel Airsoft LLC
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  • Fully licensed Danial Defense MK18 RIS II Rail
  • VFC Avalon Gen 2 internals
  • 1 year manufacturer's warranty
  • 11.1v lipo ready gearbox


FPS: 400 w/.20s
ROF: ~23rps w/11.1v lipo
Gearbox: Fully upgradable V2 gearbox
Barrel: 6.03mm Tightbore Barrel
Hopup: Radial Style "clicking" hopup

Note from Zack:
   I have used a lot of airsoft guns over the years. From the KWA CQB, to the Krytac Trident CRB, to the ol' faithful VFC Avalon Calibur for the past two years. I traded up today, not to a better gun internally, but to a much finer gun externally. Let's face it: airsoft is 50% playing 50% looking cool. If we didn't care about looking cool, we'd be playing paintball or running HPA guns (I kid, I kid...) or something. For a lot of us, the "cool" factor matters; and I am no different in this case. If you're running a gen 2 Avalon, THIS IS NOT AN UPGRADE, per se. Just a change in aesthetics. If you want the best stock MK18 on the market, you can't beat this one.