Operation King Slayer Admission, April 24th: Blue Team

Operation King Slayer Admission, April 24th: Blue Team

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Operation King Slayer

Date: April 24th, 2021

Objectives- alpha only

Secondary- none

Teams- 3 teams. Blue, white, lime green


Each team will be fighting over possession of alpha base. There will be 3 flag poles setup in the middle of alpha. Whichever teams flag is all the way up gets the points at the end of each phase. If there are multiple teams flags up at the end of the phase the points will be divided up evenly between the teams. Closest team to 600 points wins.

Respawn= no medics

Blue team- Charlie

Lime team- zulu

White team- echo


Classes- semi or single shot only AEG measured in .25

Rifelman- 0-1.5 joules 360 fps 15ft med

Dmr- 1.6-2.0 joules 371fps - 414fps  50ft med

Sniper- 2.1-3.5 joules 425fps – 548 fps 100ft med


Gbb/sniper/hpa measured with .32

Rifleman 0-1.5 joules 317fps 15ft med

Dmr- 1.6-2.0 328fps – 366fps 50 ft med

Sniper 2.1-3.5 375fps – 485fps 100 ft med

 No full auto platforms allowed.

Explosives- grenades, flash bangs, and launchers have a 15ft kill radius plus fragmentation hits. You must be behind hard cover for protection from grenades.




08:00- gates open

09:00- briefing/ chrono guns

10:00- game starts phase 1

12:30- lunch

14:30- phase 2 start

17:00- game ends/ raffle

18:00- night game starts

20:00- night game ends