Bandits of the Wasteland Pre-Registration Feb 24th
Bandits of the Wasteland Pre-Registration Feb 24th
Bandits of the Wasteland Pre-Registration Feb 24th

Bandits of the Wasteland Pre-Registration Feb 24th

Archangel Airsoft LLC
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Pre-register: $35.00
Week of: $45
Day of: $60.00
Date: Feb 24th, 2019


-Standard Battlepark Ruleset
-Respawn Only Game

-Blood Talons
-Black Suns

Special Rules:
-Do not shoot docile Vendors
-The only lootable objects in this game is designated merchandise.
-If you are shot while carrying merchandise, you MUST drop it where you got shot.
-Ammo is NOT lootable
-BigCo Bucks are NOT lootable
-Start the game with whatever ammo is on you. Additional ammo can be purchased in-game with BigCo Bucks. Only .25s will be available.
-Cannot stash merchandise at your respawn
-You cannot sell merchandise to a vendor or caravan you just stole it from.
-Caravan guards are heavily armored, and therefore TAKE MULTIPLE HITS TO "KILL". It is not meant to be easy to hit a caravan, but the payoff can be worth it....
-Alpha vendor pays the least for stolen goods.

This is an open-ended game type. The end goal is to have the most value in BigCo Bucks for your team. How you acquire BigCo Bucks is totally up to you. Pillage, loot, work, gamble, guard, bounty hunt, there are many ways of accumulating wealth in the wasteland.


BigCo was one of the major corporations in the early days of the 21st century, having risen to power by using independent contractors for everything. In total, they only had a handful of actual employees, and thereby managed to circumvent a lot of the costs incurred by having employees. On New Year’s Eve 2018, just before midnight, they declared war on all their competition….Literally. They had used their profits to weasel their way into holding the puppet strings for nearly all politicians. By the dawn of 2019, the government, which had merely been a puppet for BigCo for nearly a decade, was outright replaced by BigCo itself.

BigCo had established independently contracted vendors and stores throughout the land, and had established merchandise convoys between them. The all-out war that ensued had destroyed much of the technology in the day, and these convoys now had to traverse between towns by foot and wagons. BigCo recognized the risk of their profits from the local citizenry, and authorized their vendors to protect themselves (but mostly BigCo’s merch) as necessary. For the convoys, BigCo hired the nastiest they could find. Felons, Convicts, and doers of other assorted dirty deeds, and paid and outfitted them well. These Guards, as they became to be known, were known to shoot first and ask questions…..well….never.

The citizens, or the peasants as they may as well be called, generally dealt with their lot in life, doing what they could to get by. Some groups though, went a little more proactive. These fine folks gathered together in roving bands, pulled together what weapons they had left from the Before, and traveled about, taking what they needed...Or wanted. The less proactive starting referring to them generically as Raiders.


Players will take the roles of two of these Raider bands. Winning will be determined by which Raider Band has the most BigCo Bucks at the end of the day. To make BigCo Bucks, there are several options. Primary option is to steal merch from the Vendors and sell it to the other Vendors. There will be Vendors in Charlie, Alpha and Zulu. A player can either sneakily steal the merch from the vendor, may hold the Vendor at gunpoint, or a player may Safety Kill a Vendor. There will be no actual shooting BBs at Vendor while the Vendor is in their Shop. Vendors will only be allowed to Safety Kill inside their shop as well, but once outside the Shop players can shoot Vendors (if the Vendor is also outside of the shop) and vice versa. If a player steals some merch meant for the Vendor in Charlie, and tries to sell it back to the Vendor in Charlie, the Vendor will refuse to buy it back (unless the Vendor had hired the player to do this) and the player may not walk out alive from the Vendor’s shop (this also might apply even if the Vendor hired the Player for this job). Due to this, it’s best to learn quickly which merchandise is meant for which Vendor. Another option is to steal the merch in transit, from the Convoy, but this is ill-advised at best. The Convoy is heavily armed and armored, and known for not taking many chances. It’s always a good idea to keep your ears open as well, sometimes the Vendors, or even the Guard, may need an extra hand with some task or another. Be aware, some Vendors may decide they don’t like you (because maybe you’ve made a habit of robbing or killing them) and may not offer you a job because of this. At no point is any Vendor or Guard required to hire you for anything.

If a player manages to steal some merch, and in his travels to sell it to another Vendor, the player gets shot, he must drop the merchandise where he was when he was hit. The Merchandise can then be picked up by whoever grabs it first.

If a player is carrying Bigco Bucks and is shot, he maintains what BigCo Bucks he had and simply goes to respawn as usual.

Players will start the game with whatever BBs they are carrying, but if they run out during Gameplay, .25 gram BBs will be available from the Vendors for BigCo Bucks. This ammo CANNOT BE STOLEN, only the merchandise boxes are stealable items.

Charlie and Zulu Vendors will pay a higher percentage of face value for Merch meant for other Vendors than Alpha will. Be smart in choosing where you go to sell, convenience isn’t always king.
If the Guards happen to catch wind of a large stash of Merch out and about somewhere, there is a chance they may come looking for it. There is also always the chance that the opposing Raider team will come for it. For this reason, it’s best to get your BigCo Bucks for it as quickly as possible. Stashing Merchandise at your respawn is NOT ALLOWED.

This Game is Respawn Only.


Gates open NLT 0830
Take field NLT 0930
Hard Start NLT 1000
1st break 1200
Hard Restart 1300
2nd Break 1500
Hard Restart 1600
Game End 1800