Operation: Revenge of the Dead

Operation: Revenge of the Dead

Archangel Airsoft LLC
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Day: October 26th
Time: 9:00am-5pm
Location: 4031 Mineral Springs Rd, Graham NC 27215

Rules: Standard Battlepark Ruleset
The game will be split up into three rounds with breaks in between. 


Walks ons: Skeleton Only, $20/admission

Spooky Skeletons: Primarily black/skeleton attire. Sugar skulls, skulls, bones, calcium in general is encouraged for cosplay. Zombies and aliens are also permitted.

Guards of 51: Suits, full camo “battle rattle”, scientist attire, scrubs, “the divsion” style loadouts, lizard men, social media owner garb,  etc are encouraged.

Both teams will wear arm bands regardless of uniform. 

Plot: The raid failed. Thousands lay dead on the grounds of the secret government facility. The bodies are piled up and bulldozed into a deep unmarked pit. The soap that kills 100% of germs, the toothpaste that 10/10 dentists recommend, the restaurant list women will always choose remains locked up behind the bastion’s doors.

However, a Karen rises from the depths of the carnage to demand to talk to the manager one last time. She stumbles into the Reality Matrix Modulator™ room and accidentally hits the “reset NPC” button. Immediately, hoards of the undead are awakened and start one final assault against the secret military base of Area 51.

Spooky Skeleton Objectives: 

-Raid the vaults of Area 51 and bring the loot back to your base.

Guard Objectives:
-Protect the classified contents of Area 51 at all costs.